The Origins of National Bubble Bath Day

The History and Origins of National Bubble Bath Day Mark your calendars and get those bathtubs ready, bathers! January 8th marks National Bubble Bath Day 2022! We know what you’re thinking. Isn’t there a national everything day? There are indeed a plethora of days that celebrate everything from cupcakes to friendships, but here at TOA [...]

A Treasure and a Good Samaritan

I was brainstorming ways to celebrate TOA Waters' first anniversary with my cousin. See,  my cousin, who happens to be an English teacher, is an incredible writer. She has been so supportive of my new business venture that she has offered to write for TOA Waters' blog. I brought up to her how my mom [...]
Fun Facts History

Bathing Throughout the Ages

The Kind of History Lesson You Don’t Get in School  What comes to mind when you think of taking a bath? I bet public bath houses and spiritual cleansings were not among the first thoughts to fill your mind. Today, bathtime is a fairly private affair associated with cleanliness and relaxation. Historical accounts indicate, however, [...]
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